Services Provided

We specialize in working with women of color, couples, and adolescents on an array of different issues in the Las Vegas Valley. Therapy is a collaborative effort. I customize therapy for all my clients because everyone is unique, and I hold myself responsible for supporting you as you make positive changes in your life. Set up an appointment here

Counseling for Black women in Las Vegas


Are you in the process of overcoming a roadblock? I understand too well how challenging life can be. Allow me to join you on your journey of self discovery. 

Couples counseling for black people


Are you and your partner(s) struggling to connect? Let's work through it together to find ways for you to experience deeper communication and overall satisfaction. 

Teen counseling for black girls in las vegas


Our youthful years are  some of the hardest to get through, believe me I know. Let me help you and/or your loved one navigate this tough time.